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The Villa Biamonti-Champorcher Visitor Centre

The Villa Biamonti-Champorcher Visitor Centre

The Villa Biamonti-Champorcher Visitor Centre is located in Château di Champorcher



The new visitor center of the Mont Avic Natural Park was carried out by renovating Villa Biamonti, a building constructed in the early 20th century as a small tourist residence, and which the Park purchased from the town in 2006. The restoration project has attempted to preserve the strongest and most distinctive elements of the building, reinterpreting in contemporary terms such unusual aspects as the use of wood in its interiors and the flowing distribution of its layout. The original basement portion of the building has been intentionally highlighted, with sheets of Corten steel laid across the current ground floor, and the unusual placement of the glass opening to the reception area vis-à-vis the general symmetry of the façade. Inside, staggered vertical connections create a continuous and flowing unified space, accentuated by the separation of the horizontal structure from the perimeter walls. Strategically positioned gaps permit different levels to be seen. The result is attractive, with a succession of rooms that are either well-lit or dim, so as to accommodate exhibitions and video projections.
The structure has been designed to meet anti-seismic standards, using materials with a low-environmental impact, as well as closely following parameters related to energy efficiency and the rational use of renewable energy resources. The building’s shell has been insulated using wood fiber and extruded polystyrene. Heat is generated through the installation of a geothermal pump that recovers heat from the ground through three wells, 100 meters deep, located in the building’s access area.
On the ground floor, there is the information office and a reception room that can be used by the organization’s employees, when necessary. The exhibition area – complementing the exhibits in the Visitor Center located in Champdepraz’s Covarey district and designed to actively involve visitors – illustrates the geological, morphological, and biological aspects of the park’s high altitude environments. The first floor features the Dondena Valley’s most interesting geological and morphological characteristics, using a wide range of photographic images, artifacts, dynamic models, and a relief map on which thematic maps are projected.
Flora, vegetation, and fauna, as well as farming activities are described on the second floor. The exhibits on small and large predators are particularly original, using models and findings in an unusual perspective.
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