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“Giroparchi” blue itinerary

“Giroparchi” blue itinerary

Tour du Mont-Glacier
This circular route that starts from Champorcher centres on the Park’s highest peak, Mont-Glacier (3185m).

It largely follows sections of the trail in the red itinerary and, starting from Lac Muffé, it can be walked both clockwise and anticlockwise. In the second case, the locations encountered are, in sequence, Cort, Muffé, Col de Lac Blanc, the lakes Vallette, Blanc, Noir and Cornu, Gran Lac, Col de Medzove, Col d’Etselé, Col Fussy, Lac Pontonnet, Blanc, Noir and Miserin, Dondena, the lakes Giasset, Raté and Vernoille. The stopping points are the Muffé refreshment area and the Refuges Barbustel, Miserin and Dondena. There are three equipped observation points along the way.

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